Heart-Rending Times

C. Radhakrishnan

How much can a woman take without breaking down? A great lot more than ever imagined. Most epics and, later, classical works of literature have women made to walk on fire, but Anuradha lives in a veritable inferno. At critical moments of despair and pain she is surprised by the array of strange personalities emerging from deep within her own self.

In ways how unusual can a man love a woman? How selfish and cruel can intense love turn when spurned? As much as one finds in here.

What does vengeance do to the person in his teens harboring it? And what drives a mother to act in ways so bewildering in circumstances never faced before in human history?

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While writing nine novels in a row during the eighties and early nineties of the last century, I knew I was chronicling the impact of abrupt changes in all aspects of life around me caused by the flood of science and technology after World War II. These nine novels were in fact constituted by three clusters, each of which was in turn formed by three individual titles – all thematically connected. The third and last cluster tells the story of Arjun the revolutionary, his relatives and friends. Birds That Fly Ahead is the first of the three; Heart-Rending Times is the second, and Now for a Tearful Smile the last of what has since been called the ‘Arjun Trilogy’. All three, complete in themselves as independent narrations as well, have run into very many reprints and earned critical acclaim. The publication of the translation of this title makes the complete trilogy universally accessible.
While putting it up on the global counter, I have examined each of its components over and again. They have only become more relevant with the passage of time. We are falling more and more behind the prophets and the visionaries – the birds that fly ahead. As a result, we have more heart-rending experiences per life. A lasting smile is long overdue, most welcome even if it turns out to be tearful! 
- C. Radhakrishnan

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