Birds That Fly Ahead

C Radhakrishnan

English translation of Munpeparakkunna Pakshikal. 
Translated by Kairali Narayanan.

The book presents many an untold part of the left-extremist upsurge that took place in India four decades back and the way it has influenced the fabric of life ever since. It has been a bestseller running into more than a dozen editions and winning as many major awards. It is a modern Indian classic, the work of a master craftsman, different in style, rich in content, revealing and enticing.

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This novel is a part of a cluster of three individual titles – all thematically connected. It tells the story of Arjun the revolutionary, his relatives and friends. Birds That Fly Ahead is the first of the three; Heart-Rending Times is the second, and Now for a Tearful Smile the last of what has since been called the ‘Arjun Trilogy’. 

All three, complete in themselves as independent narrations as well, have run into very many reprints and earned critical acclaim.

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