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All of C. Radhakrishnan's major works are published in India by Hi-Tech Books, Kochi, India. These books are presently distributed by major booksellers in Kerala like National Book Stall, Mathrubhumi books, D.C. Books, Poorna Publications and Green Books.

Indian editions are also available online from Hi-Tech Books catalogue with discounts and free postage charges.

The international editions (both print version and e-books) of Birds That Fly Ahead , Heart-Rending Times, Now For a Tearful Smile, Bhagavad Gita, The Secret Behind the Universe and Agni are available through Amazon.com.

The Indian editions of Birds That Fly Ahead , Heart-Rending Times, Now For a Tearful Smile and Bhagavad Gita are distributed by Prism, Bangalore.






Malayalam books




Kannivila (The First Harvest)

A combination of C Radhakrishnan's first two novels-

Nizhalppadukal (Patches of Shade) and Mareechika (The Mirage)







The vision of the Gita

first published March 2011







Theekkadal Kadanhu Thirumadhuram

Churning The Ocean Of Fire

(Biography of the father of Malayalam Language)

Click here to read more about the book and some of the responses to the previous impressions






Ellaam Maikkuna Kadal

The Ocean That Wipes Out All


first published Nov 1972







Puzha Muthal Puzha Vare

From The River And  Back To It


first published Dec 1974







Pullippulikalum Vellinakshatrangalum

Spotted Leopards And Silvery Stars


first published Nov 1984







Spandamapinikale Nandi

Thank You, Seismographs


first published Sept 1986

Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award 1989







Ivide Ellavarkum Sukham Thanne

We Are All Fine Here


first published May 1988







Verpadukalude Viralpadukal

Imprints Of Separation


Mahakavi G. Award 1994






Munpeparakkunna Pakshikal

Birds That Fly Ahead


Vayalar Award 1990

Abudhabi Malayali Samajam Award

Achuthamenon Award

first published Dec 1989







Karal Pilarum Kaalam

Heart-rending Times


first published April 1994






Iniyoru Nirakanchiri

Now For A Tearful Smile


first published march 1997







Ullil Ullathu

What is Within


first published Nov 2002









Novel published by D.C. Books







In Consideration Of

Selected prose writings on science, literature, art, culture and cinema

C. P. Menon Award








Published by C.S.S. Books, Thiruvalla






C. Radhakrishnante Lekhanangal

Essays of C. Radhakrishnan

Published by Mathrubhumi Books








Collection of stories

Published by Lipi Publications








Stories published by D.C. Books






Onnilum Tholkkathirikkan

Essays of C. Radhakrishnan

Published by Mathrubhumi Books







The Nector Of The Ramayana

Published by Poorna Publications






Adhyathmaramayanam Kilippattu grandham

Prepared and perfected by examining various texts of Adhyathmaramayanam kilippattu,  by Sri. K. P. Narayana Pisharody.





English works and translations




Bhagavad Gita

C. Radhakrishnan makes use of the methodology of science for a thorough analysis of ancient Indian philosophy, making this book the first ever scientific reading of the Gita. The work also researches hitherto obscure aspects of Vedantic knowledge (the author's related scientific research on Avyakta was recently published in January 2017 in the Prespacetime Journal Vol 7 Issue 16 - a physics jounal focusing on studies in space-time, fundamental forces including gravity and related topics).

The Bhagavad Gita is not considered as a religious text in this work but as the simplest form of yoga sastra. This ancient wisdom cleansed of all superstitions can help anyone lead a successful and happy life in the modern world with freedom from all sorrow; irrespective of religion, gender, nationality, caste or creed. Never before has successful Vedantic vision in regular day to day life explored in such simple and feasible manner as in this.

This book is the trans-creation of Gitadarsanam, the commentary of the Bhagavad Gita in the Malayalam language by the same author.

The Indian edition was published on December 2016.







Birds That Fly Ahead


English translation of Munpeparakkunna Pakshikal

Translated by Kairali Narayanan
The book presents many an untold part of the left-extremist upsurge that took place in India four decades back and the way it has influenced the fabric of life ever since. It has been a bestseller running into more than a dozen editions and winning as many major awards. It is a modern Indian classic, the work of a master craftsman, different in style, rich in content, revealing and enticing.

It forms part of a nine-novel cluster that in fact is an assemblage of three trilogies in a row - the first nostalgic-cultural, the second socio-scientific and the third scientific-politico-philosophical - embracing all aspects of the metamorphosis that befell life in the subcontinent after the second world war. The last of the cluster - Now for a Tearful Smile - was the first to become globally available; this novel is the first of the third trilogy. However, any of the nine volumes is self-sufficient and can be enjoyed independently.

first published Dec 1989

Vayalar Award 1990

Abudhabi Malayali Samajam Award

Achuthamenon Award

Distributed in India by Prism, Bangalore.







Heart-rending Times


English translation of Karal Pilarum Kaalam.

Translated by Kairali Narayanan.

How much can a woman take without breaking down? A great lot more than ever imagined is what this book portrays. Most epics and, later, classical works of literature have women made to walk on fire, but Anuradha lives in a veritable inferno. At critical moments of despair and pain she is surprised by the array of strange personalities emerging from deep within her own self.

In ways how unusual can a man love a woman? No one can say is what one will think after experiencing this saga. How selfish and cruel can intense love turn when spurned? As much as one finds in here.

What does vengeance do to the person in his teens harboring it? And what all drives a mother to act in ways so bewildering in circumstances never faced before in human history?

Heart-Rending Times is distributed in India by Prism, Bangalore.







Now For a Tearful Smile


English translation of Iniyoru Nirakanchiri.

Translated by Kairali Narayanan.

This is a unique and poignant love story of two very special people living under assumed identities for different reasons; and also a thriller chasing the intriguing tentacles of espionage activities and the untold stories behind political assassinations in India.

The translator notes: "This landmark novel, a socio-political silhouette of contemporary India, is a poignant juxtaposition of materialism and spirituality, contemporary geopolitics and history in the making, India and the world, urban and tribal cultures, tragedy and comedy, saints and sinners, displacement and assimilation, cyanide tablets and self-healing, arms and man, war and peace, hospitals and hermitages... innumerable are the strands that form the warp and weft of this literary milestone. It thrills, threatens, moves, shocks, calms and exhilarates! The catharsis I experienced after reading the original impelled me to seek the writer's permission and translate it for readers beyond borders, as all good things must be shared and joy multiplies in the process!"

Now For a Tearful Smile is distributed in India by Prism, Bangalore.









Agni was written in 1963 and published the same year. After twenty-five impressions and serving as text-book for several University courses, it continues to be widely read and discussed. The Author trans-created the novel in English for world readership.

Agni in Sanskrit means fire. It tells the story of a remote village of special nativity in simple style and compassionate humour. The book analyzes various dimensions of the love / violence equation and presents a delightful reading experience.

The novelette was filmed in 1973. Now a part of the Indian Panorama of Feature Films, Agni has been screened at major international film festivals including Mannheim, Istanbul, Moscow and Locarno.

The original Malayalam novel is now part of the collection titled "Mrityor ma".









(English translation of Poojyam)

(Published by Arnold-Heinemann Publishers (India) Private Limited, AB/9 Safdarjang enclave, New Delhi - 110016. First published 1974)







Nizhalppadukal, C. Radhakrishnan's first novel, is also available in English as


Patches of Shade

(Published by Kerala Sahitya Akademi, Trichur - 680020, Kerala state, India.)

Nizhalppadukal has been translated to French as

Fragments D' Ombre

(69, rue Saint-Jacques - 75005 Paris - France)

(Kailash, 169, Lal Bahadur Street - 605001 - Pondichery - India)







Maybe Another Day

This novel is the English translation of

Spandamapinikale Nandi.

The novel presents the scenario of an attempt at revolution by scientists to correct the injustices in society and in the field of science itself. A scientific investigation into the philosophy of violent social correction.

Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award 1989 (Award of the National Akademi of letters)

The novel is also translated to Tamil by the name Nile Adirvumaanikale Nanri

The English translation, Maybe Another Day, and the Tamil translation, Nile Adirvumaanikale nanri are published by Kendra Sahitya Akademi and are available in Delhi at "Swathi", Mandir Marg, New Delhi 110001. In Calcutta at Jeevan Tara Building, 4th floor, 23 A/4X, Diamond Harbour Road, Calcutta - 700053. In Mumbai at 172, Mumbai Marathi Grantha Sangrahalaya Marg, Dadar, Mumbai - 400014. In Bangalore at A.D.A Rangamandira, 109 J.C. Road, Bangalore - 560002.






Ottayadippathakal has been translated to Hindi:


(National Book Trust, A-5 Green Park, New

 Delhi - 110016, India)





Collections in Malayalam




Asatho ma (Collection of seven novels)

-Athirukal kadakkunnavar, Swapnaparampara, Ulpirivukal, Kurekkoodi madangivarathavar, Idukkuthozhuthu, Kaivazhikal, Pin nilavu (Cinema)






Thamaso ma (Collection of novelettes and seven novels)

-Oodum paavum - three novelettes

-Randu divasathe vicharana, Kankaaligal, Nilaavu, Thevidissi (Priya) *Cinema, Ival avalil oruval, Sruthi, Amavasikal






Mrityor ma (Collection of six novels)

-Agni *Cinema, Yudham, Poojyam, Ottayadippathakal *Cinema, Brihadaaranyakam, Maranashiksha







Saga Of Motherhood

Collection of four novels thematically connected in different ways with motherhood

-Chuzhali, Kanalthullikal, Mrinalam, Verukal padarunna vazhikal

first published July 1967







Collection of five novelettes

-Aazhangalil amritham, Cassioppiyakkaran noyel castelino, Oru vilippadakale, Control panel, Driksakshi.







Collection of three satirical novels -Kalippaattangal, Veshangal, Kalikalavasthakal







Collection of four plays and two poems

Plays: Dweepu, Ithikkannikal, Mathilukal, Nayattu

Poems: Ottayan alarunnu (collection of short poems), Sudarsanam








Collection of six novelettes dealing with women and their problems

 - Kannimangakal, Sahadharmini, Thayveru, Tharanisa, Asha, Eka

First published as collection in July 2005






Stories by C. Radhakrishnan

Published by D.C. Books




Works for children



Varu,Nakshathrangalkappuram Pokam

Come, Let Us Go Beyond The Stars

Novelette for children, published by Grand Books







Nithyajeevithathile Shasthram

Science in Everyday Life

Published by D.C. Books (D.C. School Reference)







Akalangalile Koottukar

Friends From Far Away

Novel for children, published by Poorna Publications






Muthachan Kathakal

Grandfather Stories

Short stories for children, published by Balasahithi Prakasan






Eppozhum Evideyum

Everywhere, Always

Novelette for children, published by Grand Books







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